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Coworking over Remote-Working

Freelancers and remote workers have a lot of benefits of their own: flexible hours, no commute, and full command over your work and many more.Sometimes considered better than coworking.


Drawbacks of Remote Working :-

All remote workers also face a lot of challenges. Isolation and loneliness are among the most common problems faced by employees. Working at coworking provides a social and engaging environment that the remote workers miss.Loneliness is much more than just a social problem. It’s also a health problem, “associated with a reduction in lifespan similar to that caused by smoking 15 cigarettes a day and even greater than that associated with obesity.”


Why Choose Co-Working ? :-

Some research on co-working spaces shows that people – startup employees, new companies, freelancers actually felt relieved from their stress -that they faced in remote working.Co-working helped them to get stability and a better mindset as they could engage with various people from different fields at a single place.

Some Honest Reviews About Coworking :-

  • People reported that they meet other members for social reasons.
  • People socialize with other members after work or on weekends.
  • People reported an expanse of their social networks.
  • A reduction in the loneliness of employees was noticed as they engaged with others.
  • People said they are happier since joining a co-working space
  • A lot of employees reported that coworking has expanded their professional networks
  • Employees turned to other members for help and guidance.
  • Many people said their co-working networking was an important source of work and business referrals


The research also showed a variety of other work-related benefits associated with coworking membership. A lot of employees and members felt an improvement in their work engagement and motivation.Also, clients had a better concentration as there were fewer distractions.But the most important thing that was most valuable for the employees was socialities of co-working.

As compared to traditional employees coworking members report higher levels of “thriving and success ” as their work shows this is due to the shared environment of coworking spaces, which allow members to socialize and interact with other members.Coworking Spaces – For most independent professionals is a source of social and work support. The most basic reason for most of the people who are co-working is to get a moral and social support.


Some benefits of working at Qworky

  • Employees work with independence in an open society avoiding the loneliness of traditional working.
  • At Qworky we provide you with an excellent IT infrastructure.
  • We provide overall exposure to new companies in various fields.
  • You get a unique sense of happiness in Qworky’s environment.

Coworking should be tried by everyone; it’s an experience worth having. Coworkers often benefit from other employees working in traditional offices or freelancing due to the socializing environment of shared offices and opportunities to help grow their businesses in all aspects.Coworkers have to pay a good amount for such environment and independence; but generally, people consider it worth paying for o many services and facilities.


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