Coworking space growth in lko

Why is Coworking getting Popular so Rapidly in Lucknow?

In the wake of youth, Lucknow has seen a number of drastic changes in its culture in the last decade. From Nazakat and Nafasat, the city is trending to be a Hi-tech hub for the new entrepreneurs. There was a time when people used to spend Sunday evenings at HazratGanj and used to call it ‘Ganjing’. But with the reform in the infrastructure of the city, people now go to places like Marine drive, River view Front, malls, and so on. This shift is not only limited to the choices of places people visit but also to the kind of things they buy, books they read, and services they render. No wonder, this shift has brought out a number of employment opportunities. And these opportunities are not limited only to employability. New ventures, startups, and uprising youth culture are now dominating the whole city.

This uprise in the entrepreneurial spirit has coined a new term for the new age business houses called Coworking.
Coworking office space is a fast-growing trend in India and has now become the growth center for many startups in Lucknow. The idea is as simple as it sounds. Any start-up can make use of basic infrastructure and resources which are otherwise not provided by the traditional official spaces. The desire to work together, in order to exchange ideas and to gather information, coworking in Lucknow became popular.
With the rising idea of rented office space in Lucknow, a number of new projects came into existence. Looking at this growth in the population of startups, the government intervened and backed up a number of projects. A number of big firms started lending training programs and exchange services for startups.
Professionals who are working in a communal setting are more inclined towards the idea of rented office space as these spaces provide all the facility related to business. Coworking spaces have certain added benefits of their own.

Coworking is Cost- Effective

These coworking office spaces are cost-effective in comparison to those traditional office spaces available. A space that offers everything to all office related equipment’s, is considered as a most affordable rented office space. These coworking spaces offer important cost benefits depending upon their location, availability, and facilities. Coworking has dedicated working space and not an entire office as a whole which might be expensive.

# Burgeon of opportunity

Sometimes, working alone can be a tedious task. One might miss out on social contact by working home alone which might eventually discourage you from further improving your task. At the same time, working at a coworking space you won’t feel left out and you can fetch a much greater possibility to flourish. Not only that, you can attain your full potential by being in an encouraging environment. On the contrary, it is profitable for those who are looking out to make efficient use of vacant floor spaces by renting out their properties.

# Flexibility in Rentals


When it comes to flexibility in rent arrangements, coworking is best. The flexibility in rentals makes it easy for the budding entrepreneurs to showcase their talents as it increases their productivity and let them enjoy and improve their network. Coworking spaces are designed in such a way that one caters to the quality and capability of company’s needs. These spaces are well-organized and encourage optimum use of the space available. Coworking spaces provide a higher level of freedom to those entrepreneurs in comparison to the traditional working spaces.

# Developing Communities

Another advantage of renting a coworking space is that it develops a sense of community amongst those working. Not all, but few people like to share their work with other professionals of a different line of work. Traditional workspaces were more secretive and used to give a sense of loneliness. But coworking spaces augment the social facets of work life. These spaces provide an opportunity to act together with other like-minded people and lets them all share their concern and requirements. Coworking spaces enhance the work experience and help in building a team.

# Networking- Key Point

In a coworking space, one can share out various interesting opportunities and can create a proficient network. As networking is a mandate for any start-up or even a high-end business, coworking provides an amazing working hub. These spaces allow people to meet and work with other entrepreneurs and freelancers belonging to the different sector and make valuable connections with them. The basic reason for coworking spaces gaining popularity among the startups, freelancers as well as large industries is that it can create a long-lasting professional network which is considered a proven valuable tool for the success of any business.
There are chances that the traditional companies are unable to craft such coworking spaces on their own. Additional to those advantages mentioned earlier, you can also become a Pivot Desk host and share your office. If you are the host, you can decide exactly how much space you want to offer and what company sizes you’d like to host in your office space. Whether it’s a lot or a little, office sharing is the perfect way to bring coworking directly into your office, along with all the benefits it entails.


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