5 Reasons Why Coworking Is Best For You

Whether it’s founding a new company or venturing out as a freelancer, someone is always ahead of you in something and somewhere. Coworking spaces are emerging as the new work environment of choice, with the industry growing a total of 88 percent from 2011-2012. This represents a shift away from the private office, which had traditionally been an alluring representation of success for young companies. Today, shared spaces around the world are bringing increased levels of happiness, productivity and collaboration to their members, and at a price far more affordable than the alternative.
So here they are, five reasons to close the door on private offices.

1. You’ll be a happier human

Technology has its own benefits as well as disadvantages. When on one hand it helps us to connect to the world, on the other hand, it is secluding us and making us feel lonely. By connecting us virtually on social networks technology is gradually drifting us away from the real world. But humans are social creatures. Human interaction is a major source of interaction for us. And when it comes to investing our long term happiness, joining a coworking space is the best option.
In a survey conducted at many coworking spaces majority of the people reported feeling less lonely and enhanced interaction and work experience. Many reported getting a raise in their earnings since they joined coworking. And a lot of them also reported of getting more time to relax at home compared to as working in a private office.

2. The price is right

You realize what they say – money is above all else. Regardless of what kind of venture you are working on, it’s critical to keep your runway (the measure of time before the money runs out) to the extent that this would be possible. Private workplaces put a strain on your funds for two reasons.
Starting with the first reason – private offices come with fancy prices. A private office in the city area would cost a handsome amount of money. And that price is just for space, many more things come next including furnishing, internet, food, parking etc. Adding up all this would require great funds.
The second reason is commitment. Commercial rents regularly require at least a one-year commitment to secure a space. Yet, as any business visionary will let you know, what’s to come is constantly indeterminate. Anything could happen, and you require the adaptability to leave if essential. Coworking spaces can offer you that genuine feeling of serenity.

3. Collaboration is at your fingertips

Nobody is an expert on everything. Being an entrepreneur is a challenging job in itself. People face a lot of problems that are out of their skill set. Maybe you need a website, logo, press release or promotional video. Maybe you have questions about sales, book keeping or human resources. Whatever it might be, you always want to make sure you can find what you need quickly.
Joining a coworking space could be a solution for many of your problems. It gives you an access to various people from different fields and skill sets. Collaboration is everywhere, with members often trading skills to get projects done. It’s not uncommon to see brand new companies formed by members who had never met before. This is a level of collaboration that is extremely difficult to replicate outside of a shared workspace.

4. You’ll be more productive

Everybody has days when it’s a battle to complete anything, and working from home or coffee shops just exacerbates this. From children and pets to TV and gaming, your house is brimming with diversion. The coffee shop is a stage up, yet moderate Wi-Fi connections and a disordered domain tend to fuel lingering.
Coworking spaces give the ideal place. Nothing is more motivating than sitting in a room loaded with similar individuals, all working hard to accomplish their objectives. The business enterprise can be a distressing endeavor, and some of the time it’s intense for loved ones to relate. Having a strong community to consider you accountable is an intense driver of efficiency.

5. The networking comes to you

Regardless of whether it’s gathering potential fellow benefactors, financial specialists or key accomplices, making new associations is a critical movement for business people. You need to get out there and converse with individuals – it’s unavoidable. Systems administration occasions can be an awesome method to achieve this, however here and there it can be hard to work them into your effectively feverish timetable.

Coworking spaces are ideal scenes for occasions. Amid the day you have an office space be that as it may, during the evening, push back the work areas and you have a classroom, assembly hall or programming workshop.
So whether you’re beginning another organization or wandering out as a consultant, before you set up that home office or (far more terrible) sign a rent on a private office, consider taking a voyage through your nearby coworking space.
You’ll be happier, more productive and your bank account will thank you.

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